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Rent Guarantee Scheme

How to Secure a Property

Stake your claim

To secure your rental home, every tenant will need to:

  • Fill in an application form.
  • Pay a holding deposit via bank transfer. This amount is not an extra charge and is put towards your first month’s rent.
  • Pay an Application Fee, a full list of fees can be found by clicking Here.
  • Pay a Guarantor Application Fee (if applicable).

Khalil Properties will next conduct referencing checks to ensure all information provided by you is accurate, which will require you to provide us with several documents.

Tenant checks

We need the following documents from all our prospective tenants:

    • If you have not lived in a rental property in the last 6 months, we will require proof of your current address. Any bill or bank letter will be fine for these purposes.
    • If you are a working professional, we will require either 6 months worth of payslips, or a statement of accounts (if you are self employed). These must show that you have been earning over 2.5x the monthly rent over the last 6 months.
    • If you are a student, we will need a confirmation of enrolment letter from either your university or college. We also require evidence to show that you are receiving funding, from either a scholarship, bursary, or student finance (if your guarantor is not paying your rent). A letter confirming the amount you are to receive will be sufficient for these purposes.
    • A British passport or residence permit proving your identity. If you provide either a full or provisional drivers licence instead, we will also require an additional piece of evidence proving your identity (sorry, this is a legal requirement!).

Guarantor Checks

Where applicable, we will need to following from your guarantor:

    • We will require either 6 months worth of payslips or a statement of accounts from the guarantor (if your guarantor is self employed). These must show that the guarantor is earning earning over 3.5x the monthly rent.
    • The guarantor will need to show that they own their own their own home. This can be in the form of a mortgage statement covering 6 months, or confirmation letter from the land registry.
    • The guarantor will need to provide proof of their address. Any bill or bank statement will be fine to prove this.
    • The guarantor will need to provide identification (any photo-identification would be fine)

If for whatever reason you are unable to provide any of the documents above, please contact Khalil Properties on 01273 573960 as we can be quite flexible on tenant requirements.

Moving into your new property

Before you move in you will need to:

  • Pay your first month’s rent and set up regular payments for all future rental payments. The tenant will not be able to move in unless all funds have been cleared, and as such it is recommended that all funds are paid three days prior to the move-in date.
  • Pay a deposit, which will be six week’s rent.
  • Pay a contract fee (once again, a full list of fees can be found by clicking Here)
  • Pay a ‘check-out’ fee. This will cover the cost of inspecting a property at the end of the tenancy, and producing a report.

After which we will:

  • Arrange for a report to be completed that lists the condition of all furniture and appliances that are to be loaned as part of your agreement, in addition to the condition of the walls and any carpets.
  • Meet you at the property on your move in date, and give you the keys to the property. This provides our tenants an opportunity to inspect their property prior to moving in, and speak about any concerns they might have to their property manager. This also helps create a long lasting relationship between the property manager and our tenants, reassuring our tenants that the property manager will always be on standby should they encounter any problems with their property.

You can contact us at any time on 01273 573960. If you need to report a fault you can do so online: just visit our maintenance page and we’ll be on the case.

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